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We aspire to bring a day, where Indian youth will attain financial freedom through financial literacy.


To provide unbiased and sustainable financial advice for your hard earned money.

About Us:

We are a group of individuals who are active participants of multiple financial, insurance and loan markets. We wish to extend this knowledge and experience to all those who are willing to start their financial journey to BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

We assess your current situation and compare it to what your financial goals are and propose you a best possible mix of investments based on “YOUR” risk appetite.

We have your answers for:

1. Why you should invest?

2. How much you should invest

3. In which instruments you should invest and alteration.

4. How to track and evaluate risk in your investments.

5. How and when you should exit.

We would love to solve your queries and questions about your previous and future investments as well.

We do not get commission like brokers so rest assured for unbiased, realistic and achievable investment advice.

So before making a fresh investment, buying insurance, availing loans or while evaluating existing ones. Before trusting bankers or any others rosy dream get consulted and facts checked by us. Even by our second opinion you might get surprised what was hidden or what twisted truth was told to you.

So let Finance Bandhu help you in choosing best Investments, insurance or loan for you.

Want to experience the expertise of Finance Bandhu for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.